Private Jet Las Vegas Benefits

You have many benefits afforded to you with a private jet charter Las Vegas. Regardless of what model jet you fly and how many people are flying with you, you have access to benefits on the ground and in the air. This ensures that you get what you pay for – and get the opportunity to soak up all the luxurious aspects of flying on a private jet.

In Air Benefits of a Private Jet Las Vegas

Since you have a choice of many different jets for your flight, there are an array of different benefits. One of the biggest is that you get to fly with your entire party together – and no one else. You will not have any strangers sitting on the plane with you, which allows you to talk business or carry on with each other without being rude to other passengers.

Food and drink is important and with a Vegas private jet, it’s not a bag of pretzels and a can of soda that you have to share with the next person who orders the same thing. We take care of your needs when it comes to food and refreshments. We have an array of things on board – and can even cater items onto the plane in order to meet your needs.

We will be able to help you plan something special. Whether it’s a vacation with a special purpose or a business meeting with important clients, we will be able to cater anything you want onto the plane to make that lasting impression. Concierge will work with you to determine what you want stocked on the plane.
The other bonus is that it’s just you and your friends on the plane, so there’s no waiting for other people to be served before a flight attendant comes around to offer you something.

On Land Benefits of a private jet Las Vegas

There are on land benefits, too, which is not something you would expect with air travel. When you book a Vegas private jet, ground transportation can be arranged for you to get to the airport as well as when you land in your destination. Once you land, you can have a rental car waiting for you or even a limo ready to take you anywhere you desire.

If you have kids, you may be looking for an adult getaway. Child care in a city that you are unfamiliar with can be problematic. Concierge will be able to find you a nanny for a night or two or even an au pair for a week or longer.

If you are traveling on business, you may need specific things as well. This could include a personal assistant, an administrative assistant, a conference room for meetings and various other things. The concierge will be able to attend to your needs if you simply ask. This is a benefit that you will want to take advantage of so that the responsibility doesn’t fall to you.

With so many benefits to a private jet charter Las Vegas, it’s no surprise that more people are taking advantage of these services. Regardless of whether you are flying with 2 or 20 people, you can find affordable rates to take you to where you want to go. In air and on land benefits can be scheduled in advance so you have all that you need before takeoff and waiting for you when you land.

You can fly anywhere with a private jet Las Vegas and it only takes a call to arrange it.